Faisal Hussain

Faisal Hussain is an Artist. Exhibiting works in various locations in the UK and outside the gallery his current work is on Northdown Road in Margate and collaborating with the Criminology Department at Birmingham City University. He recently completed an artist in residence in Berlin at Urban Nation and is also working on touring his continuing solo exhibition 'Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects'. This first solo show has seen Faisal asked to speak at The University of Birmingham, on BBC National & local news & The National in UAE.

He is the Director of True Form Projects which produced the Four Fathers project and is currently concluding a new project called 'Asian Youth Culture' shown at Birmingham City University's Parkside Gallery and at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

His broadcast work ranges from a BBC 2 Series, original journalism reports for BBC Radio, freelance voice-over work and a TV series looking at Muslim Diasporas throughout Europe for ntr France.

As part of his inter-disciplinary practice, current works are wall-mounted sculptures and depictions of landscapes created using different materials with additional moving image, static visual art, photography. These pieces are inspired by the photography of different locations found online and discovered.