General Public

We are using STEAMhouse to develop various aspects of The Pomology Project, a contemporary art project that explores & celebrates contemporary UK diversity (in particular racial & well-being/disability) through reimagining British orchard traditions & customs in an urban context. Specifically we are working on the following:  

‘The Cherry Minder’ (an old orchard practice that involves preventing birds from eating all the cherries before harvest time using ‘instruments’ made from recycled materials) - creating a new pedal-powered sound sculpture. The Cherry Minder has been built by Sam Underwood (also registered at STEAMhouse) in collaboration with General Public.

Urban Mummers Plays: we have experimented with silk screen processes and design/image making for costumes. We have also produced a number of pop-up props (including a cardboard soundsystem) that were used at  Simmerdown Festival.

Apple Store Display: Creating a flexible, easy to transport modular display system to showcase apples at a number of 'Apple day' events as part of the project. 

New Wassail Performance: Testing UV reflecting inks for a nighttime performance at Winterbourne House, UoB as part of year of the mind.

General Public is the collaborative platform of artists Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Poolman. Broadly speaking, they devise large scale public art projects that incorporate elements of fiction, myth-making, local history re-invention and heritage rebooting.