Imogen Embroidery Art

Imogen graduated from Kingston University in Fine Art & Art History in 2013, and after taking a few years out to focus on working with young people, has recently returned to exploring her art practice. Imogen has always enjoyed hand-embroidery as a way to relax but after getting some recognition, decided to pursue threadwork seriously and so set up Imogen Embroidery Art.

Imogen’s practice combines thread with other materials, like ink, nails and wire mesh, to challenge the idea that thread is a material typically associated with craft and the domestic. Imogen hopes that her use of thread transfers her embroidery from a craft into fine art.

Imogen’s work often depicts portraits of people – it is as if she draws her subjects with a needle and thread. Imogen creates mesh-like forms out of triangles to build up her subjects' features and create depth to the image. Despite her experimentation with materials, the thread and the triangle feature in every piece she makes.

Within STEAMhouse Imogen aims to continue experimenting with new material combinations and push her portraits from 2D pieces, into a 3D space. In doing so, Imogen hopes to create a portfolio of work in a style that is distinctive to her and appeals to a wide audience. Alongside this Imogen hopes to use other areas of support which will enable her to run her art practice as a profitable business.