Jennine Parker

For over 22 years I have worked for marketing and design agencies as a Graphic Designer, in parallel I have been creating sculpture collections and building up my artwork portfolio to exhibit in galleries. This has resulted in supplying my work to Art Publishing Companies and they are currently showcasing my sculptures all over the country.

Over fifteen years ago I set up my own Graphic Design business enabling me to manage my time to emphasise more on my sculpture and art. I currently supply my sculpture work in wax and clay to a publishing company, a mold is made, and the work is then produced in bronze through the lost wax process.

Within STEAMhouse I would like to develop my ideas working in different materials and produce a collection of work incorporating digital elements. I would also like to develop a range of art to sit with my sculptures in 2D and 3D. I also want to weld larger armature to sculpt on.

I am keen to work with and around other creatives, net working with like-minded people.