JJ Guest

I'm a visual artist with a background in installation and spacial design. I currently work in collage and animated collage, creating digital spaces through the dissection and layering of images, allowing people to explore themes of desire and voyeurism.

I have recently worked with brands like Prada, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry and Hermes, as well as publications like Document Journal, Self Service Magazine and Dust Magazine.

I'm working towards a solo exhibition titled “Poor dead flower?”, which is made up of sculptures, collage, photography and film. It aims to remind us of the beauty in being sensitive, vulnerable and compassionate, and takes apart images and ideas of masculinity to allow us to question and analyse what it means to be complete. My main focus is in creating a greek style statue made from flowers, as well as printing collaged imagery on to a variety of materials.