Joanne Masding

I’m an artist working in sculpture. I exhibit in art galleries and museums and make permanent artworks for the public realm. I also run Studio Outlet, which sells things made by artists.

I make art to think about relationships with objects; using the museum as a case study my recent practice is a collection of artifacts and characters I use to think about what objects are and how we know them. My most recent works are made from plaster, acrylic, copper and ceramics.

I’m using STEAMhouse to test out and learn new ways of making art that would ordinarily be too expensive to experiment with or are usually inaccessible to individual artists.

So far I have been based in the print studio, where I’ve learned new knowledge and skills. I’ve explored sublimation printing onto a variety of surfaces including chiffon fabric and card. I’ve also learned how to screenprint, and have made new prototype clay tiles with screenprinted imagery and a selection of inks and hot print foils.

The next phase is to test out some display armatures for new clay pieces, which will both present objects and be sculptural elements of the work. I don’t know how the clay objects will meet with the steel, or how the steel structures might develop through hands on exploration, and I’m excited about having a prolonged period of access to kit (welding, bending and cutting) to experiment, rework and resolve.