Leon Trimble

Leon Trimble is a digital artist who works in audio visual performance. He specialises in immersive video and synth design. He owns a 360 degree projection dome with surround speaker array and runs it as a venue at English summer festivals with an exciting programme of music and visual artists. He is working with astrophysicists at Birmingham University using his Gravity Synth - based on a Michelson Interferometer (gravitational wave detector) - for science engagment and is planning a tour of the UK with a programme of art based science artists in 2019. This will entail him devising a 360 degree laser mapping to visualise what the synthesisers are doing, but also allows a live artist to draw in a shared VR space in laser beams.

At STEAMhouse he is developing The Empathy Machine, a light and sound based immersive system for facilitating a conversation between two people, detecting and feeding back their general emotional state through the use of colours and sounds.