The Luvvit Company

Hi, I'm Jon Elliott, and I run The Luvvit Company. It's a good name, because it can be about anything you love doing.

So, it started with graphics, photography, multimedia, 2D and 3D design. Then I got into sound and became an FE teacher, which is where I started learning about sound in more depth, and how it relates to art, dance, images, moving images, and so on. One day I'd had my fill of teaching and decided to make things, which is when it became TLC Amplifiers and also synths, organs and mixing desks, and the first Branston Amplifiers appeared. Then, earlier this year, with help from STEAMhouse, I completely re-branded my amp designs as Brelliott Amps.

I got involved in a STEAMlab in May 2017, and registered straight away after that. At STEAMhouse I am mainly developing AmpModula, which is a modular build guitar amplifier system. My aim is to provide the flexibility of sound and tone that I can provide with a fully custom hand-built amp in a click-together fully modular PCB based solution. They are designed so that people with limited soldering and assembly skills can build an amp to their own specification, much in the same way as you would assemble a PC, or a piece of flat-pack furniture.

Not content with all that, I have 5 kids, play guitar & vocals in a band called DeadNumbers, am part of an art & music collective called Werewolf Workshop, organise and crew live events, and I'm also T'ai Chi instructor.