Mango Ha Ha Ha

I've recently completed MA Visual Communication at Birmingham City University. My creative work is rooted in (but not exclusive to) graffiti etched bus shelter windows. My main work is wall art, photography, film, music, furniture and fashion. I designed a jacket as wearable art , this is the first jacket made using the graffiti etched windows photography I take as a fabric print. Although the artwork is chaotic and abstract the art is encapsulated in the formal neat design of a tuxedo. Punk was about deconstruction, my work is about reconstruction. Taking the mundane anti social behaviour of destruction of property, in this case bus shelter windows and elevating it into something beautiful and creative.

As well as Business Development, at STEAMhouse I am working on producing unique 3D printed buttons for any of the bespoke art wear that I create. At this point the bespoke jackets are only available with matching fabric buttons. I'm also working on full size rota-cast clear resin anatomically correct sculptures that will be used to display the clothing. A fashion show/installation is being worked on where the buttons and sculptures will be on display as part of the installation.