Salma Zulfiqar

My name is Salma Zulfiqar and I am an award-winning international artist and peace activist. I am the founder of The Migration Project, which consists of art installations and ARTconnects workshops. This project promotes social cohesion and peace in communities at a time when hate is spreading across the world and empowers women through creative expression.

My artwork shows the challenges migrant women face with integration in the UK as well as their ambitions. Art installations include "Building Peace Through the Oceans" which show the positive contribution migrants have made around the world and "The Migration Blanket" which shows refugee's personal experiences, struggles, strengths, hopes and dreams. It also aims to educate the public on migrant journeys. Other works are "Routes to Peace" and a film entitled, "We Are Searching for Life - REFUGEES".

Facilitating these kinds of creative activities helps participants change their own perceptions, increase their self-confidence and express themselves through a different medium of communication. The Migration Project aims to bring people closer together by creating a better understanding of cultures through art and forms part of the project's educational aim to promote understanding between refugee/migrant and host communities.