Samiir Saunders

I am an artist, poet and filmmaker based in Erdington, north Birmingham. My work encompasses drawing, experimental poetry, and internet artworks; and explores the ambiguity of language and identity, through abstraction and fragmentation. I am fascinated by the information which is lost when a process repeats, or an idea is taken out of context.

I am working towards the development of a browser-based artwork titled "random/access". The piece is a procedurally generated, branching-narrative, spoken-word hyperpoem which aims to highlight the paradoxical lack of autonomy experienced whilst navigating online spaces which have been curated by designers with biases and agendas. The poem incorporates elements of games design, spoken-word, and hip-hop inspired sampling and remixing. The audience/player is forced to question to what extent their choices are consequential within the paradigm of this author mediated digital environment.