SCULPT provides interior and architectural design services for residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on helpfully guiding our clients through the daunting processes and big decisions on build projects. Commercial or residential, we provide a full range of architectural and interior design services for refurbishment, renovations conversions and fit-outs.

Our time is equally spent in and out of the computer using tools, paints, pens and pencils as well as advanced technology. We browse libraries, visit museums, search for hidden meaning and unseen detail.

We are inquisitive and curious, we dig deep into every aspect of how you work and evolve a space to be a perfect fit.

Sculpt's Creative Director, Ash Wilson, is working with 3A Composites to explore the possibilities of uses for their materials. In particular, Ash has been using Dispa, a rigid paper board which is 100% recyclable, to develop interactive installations.