Sophie Hedderwick

I am producing an interactive VR experience, Imperceptible Dance, which maps the “immersants’” (Davies) affect during the encounter. I have developed a prototype vest, using an Arduino GSR (galvanic skin response) monitor to measure the emotional response of the participant, by mapping the electronic currents in the hand. There is also a tracker on the vest, which gives live feedback to the participant, and an Arduino which is programmed to respond to the movements of the immersant.

I have designed a vest that is soft and fits the contours of both a female and a male body; to challenge the traditional gaming vest. It is made from recycled felt using plastic bottles, and the reverse was printed at STEAMhouse using the sublimation printer, from a photograph of a 3D scan of a sculpture, which was taken during a masterclass at the Data Arena, UTS, Sydney, November 2017.

I aim to engage young people in contemporary art through emerging technologies, in particular young women/girls with digital technologies, that are traditionally perceived as “male”, introducing them to VR, and the possibilities it opens up.