Staying Alive UK Ltd


I’m a Dutchman and I’m passionate about storytelling. No! I don’t have jokes up my sleeves, tell children’s stories and I’m not even a published author. I don’t even like novels.

I produce bespoke and visually impactful cartoons and animation campaigns, engaging audiences and giving them a unique insight into an organisation's story and value proposition. I am now also delivering the 'Share Your Story' -Storytelling Workshops in Birmingham on a monthly basis.

I also host my own podcast called ‘Share Your Story’, I’m a volunteer with Crisis UK in Birmingham, the homelessness charity and I’m a student of Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Taiko Drumming and Minimalism. Just my way of developing a more meaningful life.

I became a member at STEAMhouse because I need support with making my vision of using 'Augmented Reality' to make 'Storytelling' come alive in the physical space around us.

Thank you so much.