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Alessandro Columbano, Senior Lecturer at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, discusses the four vital aspects of the modern office workplace…and how STEAMhouse may have the answer.


The ever-changing office space:


Our idea of the ideal office workplace continues to change depending on culture and demand.


In recent years, we have seen a shift in open plan offices to foster improved and interdepartmental workplace communication. Other developments have included hot desking, co-working and remote working.


Through these different changes and developments, one thing has remained constant – the office space must serve as a flexible and essential entity for productivity.


Now, the office is set to change again.


As businesses look to regroup their teams and return from working from home, the need is great for a productive working environment that is flexible, sustainable, collaborative and helps businesses to achieve their goals.


So what does an ideal office workplace need to have? I’ve assembled four key traits below…


1) A socially-focused environment


Maintaining a social buzz while working from home can’t be easy. While there have been ways to keep staff engaged during lockdown, many employees miss conversations in the kitchen and watercooler interactions.

These seemingly innocuous chats serve a vital purpose, too. According to Bill Duone, former Google engineer and corporate consultant, these office initiatives act as “carrier waves” for the most productive work.


With remote working set to remain a focal aspect of many businesses, the actual office will no longer be a place to sit down, log on and complete your work – it’ll instead serve as a space for social connection and stimulating ideas,d driving innovation in the process.


STEAMhouse’s co-working spaces sees businesses work alongside a community of entrepreneurs, business leaders, design practitioners and academics.


You will still benefit from your own working environment, where your staff can engage and interact, but with the added benefits of interconnected workspaces and key public points for collaboration.


2) A green and sustainable space

Making a positive environmental contribution is imperative to many businesses, with three-quarters of SME staff stating that sustainability is important to them.

Image of the STEAMhouse building.

Therefore, it’s likely your future employees will not only choose their workplace based on its facilities and lifestyle, but also on the sustainability credentials it holds.


This is why our STEAMhouse office spaces bear a strong sustainability focus, minimising local impacts, improving green areas, reducing consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy.


3) Multiple facilities, one place


Getting your team back together is important, but equally as vital is ensuring your business can thrive in this post-pandemic environment.


Therefore, you need an office designed to offer a multitude of facilities under one roof, fostering different cognitive processes and working preferences.


The flexible office workplace offered by STEAMhouse boast a range of additional facilities, including creative project and prototyping areas, a full digital suite and XR studio, and state-of-the-art workshop production spaces.


With co-working spaces, meeting rooms and dedicated technical support also available, STEAMhouse’s spaces allow businesses to work smarter and achieve their goals more effectively.


4) A workplace with wellbeing at its core


Covid-19 has placed health and wellbeing to the top of everybody’s agenda. With 80 percent of organisations worried about the impact Covid-19 has had on their employees’ mental health, there’s a clear need for improved support and care.

The latest office workplace will provide services that make people feel supported for their mental and physical wellbeing.


STEAMhouse, for example, has been committed to ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment, one that utilises generous circulation strategies and advanced integrated building services.


Our STEAM space is a bright, inspiring work environment bathed in natural light, complemented with a central café, socialising areas, cycle spaces and shower rooms.


There is also a large garden roof terrace to enjoy (with plans for it to be turned into a ‘productive garden’), while the central Birmingham location means it’s close to city parks, canal walks, cycle ways and all of the exciting amenities the city has to offer.


Looking for a new and exciting destination to base your business?
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