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STEAMmates: Meet Mango Ha Ha Ha
A fellow member of STEAMhouse and an MA graduate in visual communications, Mango Ha Ha Ha’s creative work is rooted but not exclusive to graffiti etched bus shelter windows. His work is a combination of photography, film, music, wall art, furniture and fashion. Recently creating a jacket as wearable art from graffiti etched windows photography as fabric print.

“As well as business development at STEAMhouse, I am working on producing unique 3D printed buttons for any of the bespoke art wear that I create.”, says Stephen.

“I’m also working on full size rota-cast clear resin anatomically correct sculptures that will be used to display the clothing.”

Check out Stephen’s work at:

Or by following Mango Ha Ha Ha on instagram: mango_ha_ha_ha_artwear

All our members are very diverse in their skill set here at STEAMhouse, why not connect or seek new inspiration during this time.


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