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Innovation is a big word – it can mean so many things to so many people. It can be daunting for anyone to start to think about, as it may seem inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t see themselves as creative.

That’s not the only misconception around innovation – there are some common myths around innovation that can be hurdles to achieving what you want.

But in this blog, we’re looking at dispelling some of the most common myths surrounding innovation, and hopefully give you the confidence to try.


Innovation is about creating something new

Many believe that in order to innovate, you need to create something completely new, essentially re-invent the wheel. That’s true in some cases, but in most cases, innovation is about creating change – and change can be small, big, new or reinvention of something that’s worked before.

If you’ve got something that works that could be improved, that’s innovation! Innovation is all about looking at new and creative ways to find solutions, and that “new and creative way” could be a small extension of what’s already working.


Innovation is a solo activity

Some believe that in order to come up with a creative and innovative idea, you have to work alone. This is definitely not the mindset to have. Some of the best ideas and solutions can come from group conversations and thinking.

If you find working alone to be more conducive to creative thinking, then go ahead, but it’s still good to involve others in the final stages before launching an idea, as they can offer feedback you might not have thought about (just make sure it’s not friends and family).


Innovation can’t be taught

Everyone has an innovator inside of them. You have the power to make changes big and small. You might think that you’re not creative, and so resign yourself to never being an innovator.

However, innovation is within everyone – it’s all about learning to listen to that voice within you. Surround yourself with innovative people and a space that encourages you to think differently, and you’ll be surprised with how innovative you might be!


Innovation can’t be forced

This is a half myth, because you can’t force yourself to do anything, certainly not innovation. This should be an organic experience from you, but you can cheat the system if you need to.

Much like the above, if you surround yourself by innovative people and put yourself into new and creative spaces, you can encourage yourself to think different and advance your ideas through innovation.


Innovation isn’t for everyone

This is the biggest myth of all – innovation isn’t for me.

Innovation is for everyone. We wouldn’t be in the place we are now if it weren’t for innovation! All you need to do is open yourself up and give yourself the freedom to think about new ideas, and dispel any of those other myths you might be thinking about.