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International Innovation: Flor DacaL Visits STEAMhouse from Argentina

STEAMhouse was thrilled to recently welcome Flor Dacal, the visionary Creative Director of DACAL (Somos Dacal) from Argentina, for a hands-on lunch and learn on sustainability and the importance of collaborative international innovation. This event was a fun highlight of our calendar of events, and brought together a community across disciplines, countries and even continents, eager to explore and implement sustainable practices in their businesses and beyond.

We couldn’t have been more excited to welcome Flor Dacal for this international Lunch and Learn and to strengthen our ties with the international community, and especially the creative and design community in Argentina. The session was not just an educational experience but a celebration of innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

The feedback Flor and us have received has been truly heartwarming:

“Very inspirating and a great way to network – Having a piece of work you sew yourself and take home, made the event so much more personal and memorable.”

“It was lovely hearing how Flor uses clothes as an accessible way to open up conversations about about the climate crisis… I also had fun playing with materials and contributing towards the heart project with a 25.36g textile stuffed upcycled heart that is currently hanging out in my room”

“It was really interesting to learn about the collaborative projects STEAMhouse works on and to network with artists, lectures and colleagues. The workshops has inspired me to reconnect with my artistic self and to appreciate the work and passion that goes into creating something new and upcycling something not so new.”


Our Journey with Flor Dacal

Flor Dacal, a pioneer in sustainable design and the driving force behind DACAL (Somos Dacal), shared her incredible journey and insights with us. Since 2014, DACAL has been at the forefront of creating eco-friendly clothing, focusing on reducing the environmental impact of fashion. Their work extends beyond textiles to encompass cultural projects that promote creative participation, gender inclusion, and environmental consciousness. Flor and Somos Dacal were the winners of last years’ Argentine Exponential Design. Creative Bootcamp, ran organised by Fundacion Bunge Y Born and the British Council, and curated in the UK by STEAMhouse. Flors inspirational entry and participation in the programme led to her being one of the winners of the programme to boost the growth and development of Creative Industries in Argentina, and won seed fund capital to propel her vision and the sustainability agenda forward.

Key Takeaways from the Lunch and Learn

  1. Inspiring Sustainability: Flor captivated our audience with her deep dive into sustainability, exploring her inspiration and connection to sustainability, its crucial role in the future of the world and its practical applications across different industries. We were inspired by her vision of integrating sustainable practices into creative and design methods and everyday business operations enhancing both efficiency and customer engagement.
  2. Hands-On Learning: The interactive session allowed attendees to experiment with some of DACAL’s innovative techniques. This hands-on approach made the concept of sustainability tangible and accessible, empowering participants to see how they could implement these practices in their own work.
  3. Navigating Challenges: Flor shared her experiences in overcoming the challenges of adopting sustainable initiatives. Her insights into balancing business growth with environmental responsibility were invaluable, offering a roadmap for others to follow and reinforcing that the sustainability path can be trodden.
  4. Celebrating Collaboration: We were proud to showcase the collaboration between the British Council, Bunge y Born Foundation, and STEAMhouse, which supports creative and social entrepreneurs in Argentina. DACAL’s success story as part of the “Argentine Exponential Design. Creative Bootcamp” highlighted the power of such partnerships in driving sustainable development.
  5. Building Community: This event wasn’t just about learning—it was about building a community. We were delighted to see local businesses, entrepreneurs, and sustainability advocates come together, sharing ideas and forging new connections.

You can view a gallery of photos from the fun lunch and learn below.


About DACAL and Flor Dacal

Flor Dacal has been a beacon of sustainable design in Argentina, leading DACAL (Somos Dacal) to international acclaim. Flor and DACAL’s fundamental belief is that dressing responsibly is necessary in a world in emergency. Mass-produced clothing is made from common natural resources and is one of the most polluting and unfair industries.

DACAL recycle to reduce the environmental impact of clothing, and design clothes to be worn in harmony with the world. To do so, DACAL recover fabrics and garments from tailors in Buenos Aires, chosen because they are noble textiles, made of natural fibers. Flor and the team redesign them, transforming them into new garments for all genders. They continue to maintain responsible, artisanal, quality and transparent production practices.

DACAL’s work is a testament to the transformative potential of combining creativity with environmental stewardship. DACAL’s commitment to creating garments that align with ecological values and promoting sustainable fashion is truly inspiring.


About STEAMhouse

At STEAMhouse, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration, whether at home or abroad. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses in developing groundbreaking products and services. Hosting this Lunch and Learn with DACAL was a testament to our commitment to bringing global perspectives on sustainability to our local community.

We are grateful for the opportunity to host such forward-thinking innovators like Flor and to work with communities driving innovation across the world.


About Argentine Exponential Design. Creative Bootcamp

Argentine Exponential Design (DAE) is a program developed as part of the Creative Bootcamp, promoted by the Bunge y Born Foundation and the British Council. Through intensive training and the support of mentors from STEAMhouse at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) and experts from Latin America, as well as the opportunity to compete for one of up to 3 Seed Capital Funds, DAE aims to boost the growth and development of Creative Industries in Argentina.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this incredible session. Together, we can drive the change towards a more sustainable and innovative future.