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STEAMhouse recently built on their international presence, embarking on an exhilarating week-long journey in Argentina, igniting the flames of collaboration and creativity in a bid to support visionary growing businesses in Argentina after being invited to participate in the Diseno Argentino Exponencial Creative Bootcamp. Through intensive training and support from STEAMhouse mentors and experts from South America, as well as the opportunity to compete for one of up to 3 Capital Seed Funds, the Diseno Argentino Exponencial Creative Bootcamp aims to boost the growth and development of the Creative Industries in Argentina.

Led by Clayton Shaw, Head of STEAMhouse Commercial, and Patrick Bek, Head of Service Innovation and Experimentation, STEAMhouse joined forces over 11,000 miles away from its usual home in the West Midlands with esteemed organisations Fundacion Bunge y Born, the British Council, IdexLA and Diseno Argentino Exponencial to kickstart an international innovation programme poised to revolutionise the entrepreneurial landscape of Argentina, with a focus on getting expertise, online mentorship and funding to the creative industries in the design sector. The programme has 4 main objectives:

  • Promote productive ideas, improve management skills and perfect business models
  • Strengthen the Design sector through tools and methodologies provided with high-level training
  • Establish a collaborative network between the entrepreneurial public, the corporate sector and local and international entities.
  • Facilitate financing to consolidate business strategies and update technologies.


Continue reading below to see how international collaborative innovation comes to life!



Day 1: Fostering Collaboration and Vision

The week kicked off in Argentina with the first in-person meetup of the programme partners, who took part in a day full of collaborative planning sessions, setting the stage for the ambitious programme. Representatives from the British Council, Fundación Bunge y Born, Diseno Argentino Exponencial and STEAMhouse converged at the Fundacion Bunge y Born site to craft the blueprint for the international innovation program. Together with the international team, Patrick and Clayton analysed the profile of the 15 selected entrepreneurs to join the programme, reviewed the mentoring topics selected by the participants and began the process of assigning online mentors to each project and business.



Day 2: Cultivating Inspiration and Insight

At Universidad Austral Campus Pilar, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as the cohort got together in person for the first time and immersed themselves in an insightful masterclass delivered by Patrick Bek on the art of designing products with meaning. Delving into the intricacies of product design and storytelling, participants gleaned invaluable insights into enhancing brand recognition, elevating brand image, and carving a niche in competitive markets. It was a testament to the power of knowledge exchange and cross-cultural learning in fuelling innovation, and served as an excellent foundation for the innovation to come on the programme.



Day 3: Unveiling Opportunities and Aspirations

The momentum surged as the cohort gathered at the Innovation Lab Buenos Aires & La Maquinita Co, to hear from each of the programme partners and get an introduction to the programme, the partner institutions, the 15 participants of the 2024 programme, and hear testimonials from the seed fund winners 2023. There was also an introduction into STEAMhouse, from Head of Commercial Clayton Shaw, including the vision and raison d’etre for STEAMhouse, it’s funding model and an overview of the portfolio and products and services available. In the afternoon each of the 15 businesses taking part in the 2024 programme had the opportunity to put themselves on the map with a 3 minute slot to educate and promote their business to the whole cohort, walking everyone through their needs and 3 wishes that they had for their business, with STEAMhouse feeding back on each presentation. The day was instrumental in laying the groundwork for meaningful collaboration and support between the cohort and STEAMhouse online mentors, and was cemented with a team meal.



Day 4: Nurturing Growth and Collaboration

On the fourth day the cohort reconvened at the Innovation Lab Buenos Aires & La Maquinita Co  for an interactive workshop between STEAMhouse and the 15 programme participants. The workshop focussed on how everyone on the programme can support each other to plan for the future vision of their businesses. The businesses got to get hands on with the STEAMhouse toolbox, to plan, prepare and get thinking for their vision. It was a transformative experience, igniting a collective sense of purpose and laying down the practical frameworks for how programme participants can take the next step.



Day 5: Reflecting on Success and Looking Ahead

As the journey drew to a close, partners reconvened for a reflective debrief at Fundacion Bunge y Born, celebrating the fruits of their labour and charting the course for the road ahead. Energised by the spirit of collaboration and innovation, the collective resolve to propel Argentine businesses to new heights materialised into a tangible forward path for the programme. Patrick and Clayton also got to get hands on and visit the creative design studios of Fracking Design, Prou. Sabrina Saladino, Alto Estudio and Sur Del Cruz.


STEAMhouse’s voyage to Argentina underscored the transformative power of international collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving global innovation. We’re really looking forward to beginning the online mentoring in earnest and helping these creative businesses in Argentina propel themselves forwards.


The 15 creative Argentine businesses taking part in the Diseno Argentino Exponencial are:

Fracking Design




Kau. Refugio de playa / RIO NEGRO

Marcela Coppari Studio / CÓRDOBA

Robbina, diseño inclusivo


Cuero Looc / CHACO

Fungipor / SALTA

Black Oveja / CÓRDOBA

Prou. Sabrina Saladino

Bolsa Red / CHUBUT

Biofé – Quintana Ribetto