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The new round of Phase 1.5 STEAMhouse Grants for members will go live from Monday 8th February 2021 for STEAMhouse Members who have completed 12hr+ and can comply with the grant criteria specified.

When is the deadline?

The deadline will be on Monday 15th March at 12noon. Future grant dates will be announced via the website, keep an eye on our blog or follow us on social media for updates.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has registered with STEAMhouse as a sole trader or business (no match funding is required as a condition), received notification of their membership from one of the STEAMhouse team and has completed their 12 hours assists with STEAMhouse to support you in developing your product/service.

How much is the grant for?

The grant amount is for £2,500 broken down into £1,035 for commercialisation and intellectual property (IP) support (which is compulsory and helps to inform the next stage and utilisation of the grant) with the remaining £1,465 (including VAT) being used to support businesses developing their prototypes, proving concept to early-stage development work and demonstrating which element of this is using digital technology.

How many grants are available?

28 grants will be distributed up to May 2022.

How do I claim any reimbursement of funds spent, if successful? A new contract will be issued for you to sign and return to along with the following documentation to set you up as a new supplier by BCU, namely:-

1) Your letter headed paper with your company bank details/ including company number/UTR and contact details.

2) Certificate of public liability insurance.

Once you receive confirmation that you have been set-up as a supplier, you can then start spending. Upon evidence of receipts, the completed receipt submission form, redacted bank statements and the submission of your invoice, STEAMhouse will arrange the reimbursement of £1,674 in total. Invoices can be broken down into one or three separate invoice payments from you, within a 5-month period from the start of the contract.

How do I know what IP support I will need?

There is a variety of free commercialisation and IP support available through STEAMhouse Phase 1.5 including guidance & innovation capture, market assessments etc. The best route for you will be determined following an arranged meeting with the appointed IP consultant to support you.

Is there another round of funding?

Yes, there will be further grant announcements on a 5-month cycle appropriately. Further announcements willbe made via the website.

What next?

Please download and complete the attached funding forms or contact Sophia Tarr, Business Engagement Manager for further information.


1. STEAMhouse Grant Application Form – HERE.

2. STEAMhouse Grant & Receipt Submission Form – HERE.


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