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Here at STEAMhouse, we’re all about sharing successes of our community. Whether they’ve launched their new prototype to market, or winning awards for innovation – we’re here to celebrate!

So, imagine how excited we were when we found out that STEAMhouse Incubator members D/Gauge told us they were acquired by TUV Rheinland Group, one of the world’s leading testing service providers!

We recently caught up with Colin Johnson, Managing Director at D/Gauge, about who they are and how this acquisition came about:


Q: Can you provide a summary of D/Gauge?

A: D/Gauge are a clearance assessment specialist consultancy and software provider. We measure trains and assets on the railway to ensure safe running without collisions. We were founded 15 years ago and now have 28 colleagues in the business.


Q: When did you first become aware of STEAMhouse and what attracted you to becoming a member?

A: We had good existing relationships with Birmingham Universities including BCU and Aston when we became aware of the new building.


For D/Gauge, we’ve had great successes by placing ourselves in innovator, entrepreneurial type spaces and were very excited to be part of the STEAMhouse building. After the pandemic, our teams became accustomed to working individually, so we wanted a collaborative, engaging space to come together and make ideas come to life.


Q: So far, what has this experience been like? Would you recommend it to others?

A: So far, our experience with STEAMhouse has been fantastic. The building is immaculate, and we were lucky to be some of the first ones in and have watched it develop to what it is today. We would recommend STEAMhouse to other small, innovative organisations that want access to new talent, have ideas that they want to prioritise and can utilise a fixed space.


Q: D/Gauge has recently been acquired by a larger firm – how did this opportunity arise?

A: We were approached by TUV Rheinland Group as our principles of safety, assurance and certification all matched the ethos and history that they deliver. Of late, we’ve been repeatedly approached by international customers due to the niche nature of our services, and this acquisition makes engaging international markets much easier.


Q: Are you pleased to see D/Gauge be acquired in this way and are you excited at the future?

A: We’re very pleased to become part of the larger TUV Rheinland UK Group, and beyond. It opens up the opportunity for international doors whilst we continued to deliver our steady onward growth. The acquisition will allow us to seek guidance, assurance, and experience of working internationally whilst we maintain our strong UK presence. It’s an extremely exciting chapter for us.


Q: Do you feel that STEAMhouse has helped D/Gauge to be in the position it finds itself in?

A: STEAMhouse has definitely helped us to reconnect with one another. There’s immense value in physical communication and meeting, and having the STEAMhouse offices allows our colleagues, clients and also the general public better understand what we actually do.


You can find out more about how you can become an Incubator member just like D/Gauge here.