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Businesses of all shapes and sizes


On or offline collaborative workshops


Flexible depending on your needs


1 – 5 days

What is a STEAM Sprint?

During our quick, intensive STEAM Sprints we’ll guide you through a process called ‘design-thinking’ that helps you get under the skin of the challenge you’re trying to tackle, making sure you’re solving the right problem.

You’ll work with your colleagues and other stakeholders to generate ideas for new solutions, and working closely with our team, you’ll develop the skills and mindset to think creatively about stubborn challenges.

What our members say

The STEAM Sprint workshops helped us bring together staff from across different business units to collaborate in thinking about drivers of change, and how that will affect our services, and the sectors we work in. The outputs of the sessions are influencing our regional business planning as well as our staff development approach.

Luke Strickland, Environment Team Lead, Mott MacDonald

How will a STEAM Sprint help you?

Understand, define and prioritise what problems to work on

Analyse the problem from the perspective of customers, communities and systems, to help you and your team make better decisions, faster.

Empathise with customers, users, or communities

Get to know the audience you’re creating solutions for. Understand their experience of your product, service or project and uncover opportunities to serve them better.

Generate new ideas for products, services or projects

Learn how to use creative idea generation techniques that enable you to think outside the box and come up with fresh solutions.

Create a sense of ownership over the project or problem

Bring your key stakeholders together to develop a shared understanding and make unified decisions.

Customise the sprint agenda

Adjust the STEAM Sprint agenda to suit your needs to ensure it tackles the right problems. Every enterprise is unique, so each STEAM Sprint is tailored to your needs.


Want to collaborate with STEAMhouse to overcome a challenge, solve a problem or generate new ideas?

Challenges a STEAM Sprint can tackle

Are you struggling to understand the needs of customers, users or communities?

A STEAM Sprint will help you get to the bottom of what customers really want and prioritise how you’ll meet those needs.

Do you want to think creatively, experiment, and explore a wide variety of ideas?

During a STEAM Sprint, you’ll learn various methods used by the world’s most imaginative organisations to generate ideas that meet real needs.

Do you need to look at a problem from multiple perspectives?

A STEAM Sprint puts a rigorous process behind collaboration to avoid you going round in circles and help you work well with others who bring their own unique expertise.

Do you find it difficult to quickly create new products, services or projects?

There’s no faster way to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to create the strategic building blocks for your next big idea.

Designed for all businesses

This service has been developed to help businesses of all sizes and types define and tackle a variety of problems.

A STEAM Sprint works best with small teams but diverse perspectives are critical to a successful sprint so we’ll work with you to bring the right team together.


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