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Metal, Print, Wood, Plastics and Digital Workshops, and technical support


Variable depending on access required


Variable depending on access required

About our Production Space

From 3D printers to welders, table saws to sublimation printers, VR headsets to biomaterial incubators, you can access pretty much everything you could ever need to test, experiment and prototype new products, ideas, and artworks in STEAMhouse’s Production Space.

We offer a range of specialised workshops and facilities to support prototyping in print and materials, digital design, digital manufacture, resistant materials (wood, metal, plastics) and AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality) reality, as well as plenty of space for fabrication and assembly.

All our workshops are supervised by skilled STEAMhouse technicians who are on-hand to help and advise.

Tour our Production Space

Take the 360-degree tour of our Production Space for information about our facilities, the kit we use and what it can do.

Everything you need to test, experiment and prototype new products and ideas

Our Production Space is made up of a series of different workshops, including:

  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Woodwork
  • Metal and Plastics
  • Materials and Print
  • Immersive Media

Our Digital Manufacturing workshop houses a range of 3D printers, laser cutters, waterjet cutters and CNC machines as well as digital electronics equipment.

There’s also our fully equipped Resistant Materials space, which is set up with fabrication equipment for hot and cold metalworking, allowing for rolling, folding, cutting, sanding, polishing, joining, and machining metals.

The Wood Workshop can support everything from the prototyping of furniture to the production of models and maquettes. We’ve got a table saw, bandsaw and planer thicknesser, alongside sanders, vacuum press and a range of power tools and hand tools. And we have line benders and a vacuum former which allow you to manipulate plastics.

Our Materials and Print Workshop is well-equipped with facilities for the controlled culturing and the storage and dehydration of biomaterials. This sits alongside a silkscreen printing table, exposure unit and washout booth, sublimation and UV printers, heat presses, industrial sewing machines and overlockers.

Lastly, our Immersive Lab has 3D scanners, VR headsets, a 360 camera, a Matterport scanner, VR development laptops and PCs, which you can use to create VR, AR and MR experiences.

What our members say

STEAMhouse has allowed me to explore metalwork, screen printing, 3D printing and more.

Susie Chillcott, Guitar maker

I can’t sing STEAMhouse’s praises enough; the team provides a pillar of support and everyone takes time to understand our needs.

Jack Cornes, Co-founder of Hausbots

Here to guide you

In addition to providing the latest tools for production, STEAMhouse offers guidance from experienced in-house technicians who can advise on briefs, testing and prototyping, as well as delivering interactive workshops in which makers can experiment with their ideas and hone their craft.

The expertise of our technicians allows them to help problem solve, identify appropriate equipment or processes to use and show you how to use them, as well as advise on materials and software.

How do I access the Production Space?

The STEAMhouse Production Space, tools and expert advice is available through the following services:

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